Reaching Our City Together, Part 3

by Shelly Haugh

Mark and I have been asked to put our two cents into the conversation regarding why we became members of IDC from the perspective of the non-seminarian crowd. Our story may be a bit different because of our time of life. We are also in the over 40 crowd. Oops did I say crowd! We have been believers for many years and are looking at the mission of the church from the view of the long windy road the Lord has led us along.

All along the journey Mark and I have noticed a strong discontent whenever the American dream seemed to creep into our lifestyle. What I mean by that is, there is a dream in our country that we are entitled to comfortable lives that are fun, private, and self-serving. To be honest I have a love hate relationship with this dream. My flesh says yes, yes, but my Spirit says Lord save me! That is why we joined IDC. We wanted to church plant. We wanted to let the Lord place us in a body of younger believers who need parents in the Lord who have walked farther down the road and know a few of the pitfalls. We also knew this would mean we would be opening up our lives to you the body. We realize the true dream; God’s dream is not serving self but laying down our lives for His glory and for those he treasures.

We also believe in the PEACE plan of IDC. The body of Christ has been left on earth to be a fragrant aroma. We are to fill up His sufferings for the lost that they may find peace, salvation, and healing for broken lives.

“But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.”

1 Peter 4:13

This is not comfortable. It means we must love sacrificially with our time, resources, and privacy. My hope is that IDC will send our members to unreached people groups all over the world. I also know that the best training ground is right where God has us in the present. If you are in Bible College or Seminary, do not live your life focused on what you will accomplish when you finish school. None of us is promised tomorrow. Today is the day of salvation. Rather daily ask the Lord, How can I be on mission right now? Who can I love for you today Lord?

Together all of us at IDC have the great privilege of being children of God. We have all eternity to live in the inheritance we cannot begin to appreciate. Here, right now we are Christ ambassadors given the ministry of reconciliation. I pray IDC will be a community that is willing to Love what Christ loves, go where he leads, and use our gifts, talents, and creativity to find ways to reach the lost God places in our path today.

IDC RaleighReaching Our City Together, Part 3
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