May 20, 2012 – The Gospel in the Life of Samson – Judges 16:16-31

Judges 16:16-31

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Samson is not our hero, he himself needs deliverance, but he is pointing forward to the Hero we need. Why is he not? Because the only one that can ascend the hill of the Lord is the man with clean hands and a pure heart… the wages of sin is death and Samson falls short. There will be another whose birth was miraculously foretold by an Angel, who is Spirit-anointed to take on the enemies of God and His people, who is betrayed by his own people and given over to pagan oppressors, who is betrayed by a kiss for silver, who is arrested, not blinded, but blindfolded and mocked and humiliated by a foreign army, who seems to be forsaken by God, who’s victory would crush the heads of his enemies, & would gain greater victory in His death than life. However, this man is no rebel, and this man does not give in to his appetites; this one’s death, unlike Samson’s who’s death killed God’s enemies, will actually rescue and save God’s enemies. This is Jesus of Nazareth!

IDC RaleighMay 20, 2012 – The Gospel in the Life of Samson – Judges 16:16-31
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