Reaching Our City Together, Part 2

by Jenni Price

Why did I become a covenant member of IDC?

Last Fall, I moved to the Raleigh area to begin graduate studies and one of my greatest concerns in moving across the country was that I wouldn’t be able to find a local church body to call home. I believe the highest calling on my life is to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and I don’t think I can fulfill this mission apart from God’s Church. As always, God was gracious and knew what was best. He introduced me to Imago Dei Church in the first couple weeks that I was in NC and though there are many great churches in the area that I could have joined, God led me to commit to Imago Dei. Why IDC? I covenanted to be a member of IDC because I believe whole-heartedly in our mission and vision. The Gospel has forever changed my life and because of this I desire to see other lives changed by the Gospel. This is the heart of IDC and most importantly, it’s the heart of the Gospel… “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” If Jesus came to earth to live a perfect life and die an undeserving death for the sake of His church, then the least I can do is commit my life to the same.

One of my greatest desires for IDC is to see us reach our community with the Gospel and to see this reach extend further to the nations. What I love about the Raleigh area is that the nations are represented right here in our community! I have neighbors, co-workers and friends from India, Haiti, Thailand, and China, as well as from all over the United States, and in some cases they are just as foreign to me.  Most of these people desperately need to know the saving power of the Gospel and we can be the instruments God uses to deliver the message of hope. IDC – we need to be the instruments! It would be tragic if we lost sight of our vision and found contentment in the comfort of a small church plant community. So my prayer is that we have the mind of Christ and always look out for others just like Jesus did. As we learn to share the Gospel and love our neighbors, I hope to see IDC become a reflection of Revelation 5:9-10 where we see that Jesus ransomed a people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation, and I believe this is possible! We, as IDC members, need to love God and love our neighbors. We need to get out into the community, in our workplaces, in our neighborhoods, in our schools, and we need to be the Church.

Like Pastor Tony mentioned in his post this week, IDC has a lot of seminary students. Earlier when I explained that I moved to NC for graduate studies, I forgot to mention that those studies are in fact at “the seminary”. I don’t even like to refer to it as “the seminary” because most people in the world don’t know what I’m talking about if I do (Note: For those of you not in the seminary bubble, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is a school 15 minutes away from our church building and many of our members and elders are associated with this school). Anyway, yes I’m a seminary student and I’m thankful that I am but this is not where my identity rests. My identity is hidden in Christ and so is Imago Dei’s. I hope that when someone encounters Imago Dei Church they meet Jesus (not a seminary student), whether it’s in a restaurant, at work or on Sunday at our weekly gathering.

To my fellow IDC members (and especially fellow seminarians),

The Lord has really challenged me to seek out the lost (or on a Sunday morning – the visitor) and I know I fail at this more often than not but God is so good to gently remind me that He sought me out. By His grace, He came and found me. So please, let’s be like Jesus who came to seek and to save the lost. He didn’t choose to stay in the comfort of heaven but He came and entered our world. We shouldn’t choose to stay in the comforts of our seminary circles, single circles, or married circles (just name your circle!). Be mindful and enter another’s world. If you’re lost on how to do this, talk with someone and brainstorm ways in which you can. I’m more than happy to help and would love to learn from your ideas too! So together, let’s seek the lost and bring hope so that they may be found and CHRIST may be exalted. Because really, all we have is Christ. Hallelujah!

IDC RaleighReaching Our City Together, Part 2
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