December 30, 2012 – 3 Trees, 3 Gardens – Genesis 3:1-24

Genesis 3:1-24

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We all instinctively long for Justice and something different, as if we have a sense of what the World is supposed to be! Some think education, government, or science will solve our problems and yet they don’t! But the bible explains why this is so, and what will make sense of the World! It tells us what went wrong with our race, what our race was meant for, and how we can be restored to that purpose. Moses is telling us in this passage why there is pain, strife, and brokenness in our world; he also shows us something in the midst of all of it – HOPE! Man was created uniquely to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, instead man rebelled and tried to replace the Creator with himself, but God does not leave us in our rebellion; he restores us to our purpose.

IDC RaleighDecember 30, 2012 – 3 Trees, 3 Gardens – Genesis 3:1-24
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