A Reminder from the Elders

Brothers and Sisters of Imago Dei Church,

The elders want you all to know what a joy it is to shepherd you and labor alongside of you for the sake of the gospel. We count it a tremendous blessing to be in fellowship with you and to see all the things that our Lord Jesus is doing in our midst. We also wanted to remind you all about some of the things that we are passionate about at IDC a little over 6 months into the year (and almost 6 months since renewing our covenant commitment to one another). In particular during this season of growth at IDC, it is good to remind ourselves of our member covenant and the unique challenges that come with our growth.

IDC Member Covenant – Please continue to refresh yourself on what you have committed to and what we are passionate about as covenant members of IDC. We want to stir one another on towards:

  1. Disciple-making and evangelism – we pray that you are considering how to do ordinary things with gospel intentionality as we seek to live out the PEACE Plan.
  2. Gathering regularly corporately and in Growth Groups – as we seek to be a church that offers Gospel and Community to ourselves and those we come in contact with we must not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.
  3. Unity around doctrine, discipline, and the leadership of the church – we want to seek to be a church that is unified around healthy doctrine, marked out lives, and submission to the leaders that will give an account for us.
  4. Good stewardship both financially and in service to the body – remember that as we seek to see the gospel change lives we have committed to faithful giving of time, talents, and resources for the good of our body, the poor, and the nations.
  5. Commitment to growth around Spiritual Disciplines – especially during this season of reading the Whitney book commit yourself to growing through the disciplines in your affections for Christ and His bride.
  6. Developing gospel-centered families – let’s continue to pray that the gospel will be on display in our how families order and conduct themselves.

Challenges from our Growth – due to our growth, and anticipated growth when school is back in session, we wanted to ask for your help with a couple of things:

  1. Sit toward the front and fill empty seats in the middle of rows. It is hard for guests to see open seats once the service has started and people are standing. To help with this issue, please sit toward the front of the room (usually the first three rows have plenty of open seats) and fill empty seats toward the middle of rows. This will provide seats for guests and others that arrive late that are easy to see once the service has begun. Also, if you are serving as a door greeter, please help guests and latecomers find an open seat.
  2. Park at Big Lots. It is also helpful for guests to see parking spaces available, and often this is a bigger hindrance than a cramped room when it comes to them staying for corporate worship. So if possible we would ask you to park at Big Lots and walk across the street to our building. But please be careful as you cross the street.
  3. Be hospitable to guests. We are very thankful that our people love each other and enjoy fellowshipping before and after corporate worship. But we want to remind you on Sunday mornings in particular to be very hospitable and welcoming. This is not just a reminder for the Hospitality team serving that week because there is no way they can greet and talk with all the guests that we have been having. So please try to go out of your way to welcome people that you do not recognize, say hello to them, ask them to sit with you, invite them to growth group, etc. Let’s go above and beyond in making them feel welcomed. We desire to be a church that radiates hospitality and a welcome spirit.

Thanks for your help with this as we endeavor to serve our King Jesus and love one another with biblical hospitality.

Our prayer is Romans 15:5-7: May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.

IDC RaleighA Reminder from the Elders
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