July 14, 2013 – Elisha: In Word and Deed – 2 Kings 3-4

2 Kings 3-4

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We just finished the biography of Elijah in 2 Kings 2. The larger than life prophet died – well, sort of. He was taken up into heaven in a blaze of glory, and he reappears in the New Testament. Nevertheless he is gone, but his ministry is not gone. It continues on, particularly through the life of his successor, Elisha. Elijah passed on the prophetic mantle to him. In the opening chapters of 2 Kings, the sons of the prophets affirmed Elisha’s ministry, and now Elisha will prove his ministry to king Jehoram and others in 2 Kings 3-4. From these chapters, we see how Elisha, like Elijah, was a God’s special agent, sent to speak truth and display God’s power.

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