July 21, 2013 – Go and Tell John: Lepers Are Cleansed – 2 Kings 5-6:7

2 Kings 5-6:7

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The glorious message today is that God can overcome the effects of the Fall (whether it’s Skin disease, frustrated Work, or sin) and deliver us from slavery to curse by bringing us through the waters of the Jordan safely into the Promised Land! So Unbeliever here is the greatest message in the World – there is cleansing for prostitutes, thieves, liars, and the self-righteous – just fall on your knees and ask for mercy and he will plunge you through water! It doesn’t matter what you have done – right now we are just little servant messengers telling you there is a Prophet in Israel, and we are answering the question for you: what can wash away your sins? Your uncleanness? Nothing but the blood of Jesus! Believer there is a lot to respond to but fundamentally, but I want us to be like this servant girl. We are here for the good of the nations! Let’s point to Him in our work, our neighborhoods and the nations!

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