IDC “Going” Training for International Missions

Christ’s command to the church is to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19). This fundamental task of disciple-making must take us to the ends of the earth, and our hope at IDC is to equip our members for the task of going. The primary task for equipping disciple-makers is not for a mission board or a seminary (though both of these entities can play a major role), but the local church (Eph. 4). In addition, the role of sending out is also given to the local church (Acts 13). The elders of Imago Dei are therefore very excited to announce our newest training program: IDC Going.

All of our members who plan on serving in an international context are expected to participate in this equipping process, regardless of prior experience. Going is our way of building IDC’s unique DNA into our missionaries and forming strategic teams that will take the gospel of Christ wherever they go. On August 25, we will have our first gathering at the building at 6pm. During this meeting, we will lay out the plan for the 12 month program and provide members with a basic overview.

As IDC has sought to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, we have developed ways to train and instruct our members. In the past, Equip and Aspire have been instrumental in preparing our membership. The Aspire internship prepares men for the work of pastoral ministry and domestic church planting. Equip disciples members in theological as well as practical matters concerning the church and its faith and practice. However, as our church looks beyond the borders of our nation, it wants to raise up members for the task of international ministry.

In considering our church’s membership and gifting, we realize the huge desire of many to serve overseas, and our heartbeat as a church is to prepare these men and women to succeed in this Great Commission task. IDC Going is the means through which our church will select and call out men and women to serve in an international context, and it all begins this August.

IDC Going will be a 12-month international missions training program. The goal of Going will be to send out faithful missionaries all over the world to live out Imago Dei’s PEACE Plan Globally. We will do this by equipping IDC covenant members for cross-cultural ministry, developing teams from the Going participants to serve together in an international context, and sending some of our IDC Going participants to join our missionaries already on the field.

If interested, please see the attached IDC Going Overview for more information.

If you have further questions please contact Nate Akin or Keelan Cook

IDC RaleighIDC “Going” Training for International Missions
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