Imago Dei Church is an elder-led church.  We view the role of elder and the role of pastor as one and the same.  Therefore, those noted as “Pastors” are  “Elders.” For more on these convictions, view our Philosophy of Ministry.


  • Tony Merida Pastor for Preaching and Vision

  • Matt Sigmon Executive Pastor

  • Donnie Hollis Pastor for Corporate Worship

  • Shane Shaddix Pastor for Discipleship

  • Kent Bass Pastor for Counseling & Member Care

  • Manny Prieto Pastor

  • Trevor King Pastor

  • Daniel Stevens Pastor

  • Danny Anderson Pastor

  • Seth Wise Pastor

  • Zac Lyons Pastor

  • Josh Cornelissen Pastor


  • Michael Britt Facilities Manager & Men's Discipleship Coordinator

  • Brett Hart Operations Manager

  • Andy Rodriguez Deacon

  • Brian James Deacon

  • Derek Baas Deacon

  • Ellen Holder Deacon

  • Erik Loomis Deacon

  • Jay Humphrey Deacon

  • Rob Barton Deacon

  • Sara Beth Fentress Deacon

  • Stephen Britton Deacon

  • Terry Baker Deacon

  • Brianna Copeland Deacon

  • Laura Steele Deacon

  • Andee Hart Deacon

  • Aaron Schaefer Deacon

  • Kristen Taylor Deacon

  • Brian Kalsbeek Deacon

  • Katie Turkal Deacon

  • Joey Schultz Deacon

Ministry Directors

  • Micah Lang Director of Student Discipleship

  • Summer Crepelle Director of Childcare & Kids Discipleship

  • Shauna Sigmon Director of Women's Discipleship & Special Events

  • Kimberly Merida Director of Worship Development

  • Jay Hartsfield Director of Global Mission

  • Christy Britton Discipleship Classes Coordinator

  • Jessica Rodriguez Women's Discipleship Coordinator

  • Tyler Boyette Growth Groups Coordinator

  • Chace Ifland Membership Coordinator

  • Daniel Williams Local Mission Coordinator

  • Tanner Marquis College Discipleship Coordinator

IDC AdminLeadership