Plant Churches

Evangelize the World

Aid the Poor and the Sick

Care for the Orphan and the Oppressed

Equip Leaders


Imago Dei Church has a heart for the nations and desires to see all peoples changed by the Gospel of Christ. If you are interested in international missions, contact for more information.



Equip is a discipleship training program for covenant members and prospective members of Imago Dei Church. Equip seeks to fulfill the P.E.A.C.E. Plan by training future leaders for roles that will take the gospel all over the world, as well as to help the elders identify potential Aspire interns. Click here for the equip guide. For more info, contact


Aspire is Imago Dei’s pastoral internship program. Imago Dei seeks to be a 2 Timothy 2:2 church. The pastors invite certain men to be a part of this training that lasts for about 1.5 years. During this training, interns alongside the pastors, focusing on the Gospel in the Local Church and Pastoral Ministry, the Ministry of the Word and Administration/Education in the Local Church. For more info, contact


Going provides training and equipping for those desiring to serve (3 months or longer) in overseas missions and be sent by IDC within the next 18 months. For more info, contact


If you are an IDC covenant member and interested in serving, we always have great need for hospitality and other volunteers.  Our hospitality team serves in the important role of welcoming first time visitors and connecting them with IDC members and growth groups, as well as other tasks.  If you would like more info about serving in these essential ways at IDC as a covenant member, please email


IDC Kid and Student Groups seek to encourage genuine faith, foster biblical community, and lead in the Great Commission.


IDC Kid and Student Groups meet on Sundays from 5:00 – 6:30 PM in the Community Room (Back right of IDC Building)

Email Pastor Aaron at for more info.

Click here to sign up for pizza.


K5 – 5th Grades

This group seeks to partner with parents in teaching and applying the big picture of the Bible. Each week, we tell stories from the Bible and gather in small groups by age to talk about Scripture together. In this group, we continue to teach the themes of Scripture while also challenging them to see the implications of the gospel on their lives.


Build Concepts, Content, and Character

Christ-Centered Bible Reading


6th – 12th Grade


Our Middle School and High School groups are growth groups for students. Each week, our middle school students gather together for a time of Bible teaching and small groups. Student groups are a place where students learn about and grow in the gospel. We challenge one another to live out the gospel, both in the church and in the world.


Building Character, Conviction, and Calling

What and Why of Christianity


Imago Dei is committed to the shepherding care of all its members, including the provision of Christ-centered, biblical counseling when necessary. Counseling is provided by trained members of Imago Dei and is carried out under the oversight of the elders. The flow chart below describes how the counseling process is initiated and carried out. For more info, contact

We believe counseling is a ministry of the word that falls under the authority of the elders. To ensure that the elders and growth group leaders are able to shepherd IDC members to the best of their ability, we ask that all counseling requests start with a conversation between you and your growth group leader or an elder to determine the best course of action.

If pursuing counseling is the wisest course of action for your situation, your growth group leader or an elder will refer you via email to the Director of Counseling to continue the process.

If you need to print out the paper work and fill it out by hand, please let the Director of Counseling know so arrangements to collect your forms can be made.

You will receive confirmation that your paperwork has been received within 24 hours of your submission, and your counselor will make contact to set up your first meeting within 72 hours of returning your forms.

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